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Meucci vs. McDermott Review Guide

Table of Content

Table of Content

When you step into the world of pool, the sheer variety of pool cues can be overwhelming. 

You're looking for that perfect companion that not only complements your gameplay but also feels like an extension of your arm.

Meucci and McDermott are two brands that stand out with their craftsmanship and have carved a niche in the hearts of pool enthusiasts. But which one is better for you?

Find out more in this guide.

Quick Comparison Table

Feature Meucci Cues McDermott Cues
Heritage Italian-inspired craftsmanship An American classic since 1975
Design Artistic designs and focus on the feel Customizable, wide range
Technology Low-deflection shafts G-Core and i-Shaft technology
Playability Emphasis on finesse and control  A balance between power and control
Price Range Premium Mid to high-end


Introduction to Meucci Cues

Born from Bob Meucci's brilliant mind, Meucci cues have always been synonymous with innovation and beautiful design. Focusing on a traditional design that values the natural flex of the wood, these cues are crafted to give you unmatched control over the cue ball.

These cues are known for their low-deflection shafts, which reduce the error margin when striking the ball, giving you a more accurate and consistent game. That's crucial when you're trying to nail those tough angles or when you're playing pool under pressure.

Introduction to McDermott Cues

If you've ever seen a McDermott, you'd know they're a marriage of bold aesthetics and performance. Since Jim McDermott established the company in 1975, it has stood for American-made quality, a large assortment of styles, and continuous innovation.

Equipped with their patented G-Core and i-Shaft technologies, McDermott cues are designed to help players deliver more powerful and controlled shots.

For a pool newbie, McDermott offers a great cue that can add an extra punch to your game while still maintaining a high level of control.

A Detailed Comparison: Meucci vs. McDermott

Let's examine what sets the two renowned brands apart, comparing them to several critical features that can influence your decision.


The rich Italian-inspired craftsmanship of Meucci cues, with a lineage steeped in innovation, speaks to those who appreciate a European flair and unique playing techniques.

On the other side of the Atlantic, McDermott has stood tall as an American icon since 1975, embodying the tradition and reliability that many players in the States have grown to trust.

While Meucci offers that old-world charm, McDermott brings a sense of familiar reliability, making it tough to declare a clear winner based on heritage alone.


The artistic flair of a Meucci cue is undeniable. Known for its beautiful cues, the brand brings a signature style to the table that is both elegant and distinctive.

McDermott, with its large assortment of designs, caters to a broader audience, offering everything from the timeless to the avant-garde.

If your choice hinges on design, it would depend on whether you lean towards the classic beauty of Meucci or the diverse offerings from McDermott.


Meucci has been at the forefront of technological advancements, manufacturing low-deflection shafts that enhance control and accuracy.

McDermott isn’t far behind, with its G-Core and i-Shaft technology that promises a good hit with more power behind each stroke. 

Players who prioritize cutting-edge technology may be inclined towards Meucci for precision, but McDermott could be the favorite for those looking to add some extra force to their play.

Price Range

On the topic of pool cue price ranges, Meucci cues are a premium investment, reflecting the quality and historical significance of the brand.

McDermott offers a wider price range, making it accessible to beginners who may not be ready to invest heavily.

Here, McDermott might edge out for its affordability and range of options.


Both brands boast select woods that are known for durability and a good cue hit.

Meucci uses woods that complement its traditional design philosophy, while McDermott features a high-quality wood selection that often includes intricate inlays and eye-catching details.

This category might end in a draw as the choice depends on personal preference for design and wood aesthetics.

New Tips

Innovation is key for both brands, with Meucci constantly updating their tech to offer advanced performance and McDermott often incorporating new tips that cater to evolving playing techniques.

Players interested in the latest enhancements might find themselves split between the two, as both are committed to evolving with the sport.

Choosing between Meucci and McDermott cues is a deeply personal decision, akin to selecting a dance partner — each will lead differently. As you deliberate, consider which aspects of your game you wish to highlight or develop.

Tips for Selecting Between Meucci and McDermott

Here are some practical tips for choosing between a Meucci and a McDermott:

  • Identify Your Playing Style: Think about your playing style or the one you aspire to develop. Are you seeking finesse and precision, or do you favor a powerful, assertive game? Meucci is often associated with control and touch, while McDermott is known for combining power with control.
  • Test Drive the Cues: Just as you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, you shouldn't buy a beautiful cue without feeling it in your hands. Visit pool halls and shops that allow you to test cues. Pay attention to the balance, grip, weight, and how the cue complements your bridge hand and stroke.
  • Consider Your Budget: Be honest about what you can afford. Both Meucci and McDermott offer cues at various price points, with McDermott having a broader budget range.
  • Look for Versatility: Especially as a beginner, you want a cue that's versatile and adapts to different situations. A cue with a medium tip and a balanced feel is a good starting point, as it can accommodate a wide array of shots.
  • Ask Around: The pool community is vibrant and full of players who have been in your shoes. Don't shy away from asking more experienced players about their preferences and why they choose Meucci or McDermott. This firsthand insight can be invaluable.
  • Think Long-Term: Your first cue won't be your last, but it should be a companion for a good part of your journey. Choose a cue that not only meets your current needs but also has the potential to serve you as you progress.


What should I look for in a pool cue to ensure it has a good hit?

A good hit is often the result of a well-constructed cue with a solid tip, straight shaft, and proper weight distribution. Both Meucci and McDermott are celebrated for their consistent manufacturing standards that contribute to a reliable and satisfying hit.

Can the finish of a pool cue affect my game?

Yes, a cue's finish can affect the smoothness of your stroke and its durability. High-quality finishes resist warping and allow for a smooth glide through your fingers. Meucci and McDermott both use finishes that protect the wood and enhance playability.

What is the importance of a cue's joint in terms of performance?

The cue's joint connects the butt and shaft and can significantly affect the cue's feel and feedback. A well-constructed joint, which is a focal point in the quality control process for both Meucci and McDermott, ensures a consistent hit every time.

Already Made Your Choice?

If you're a player who values precision and wants your cue to be a canvas for nuanced strokes, Meucci is likely your match.  On the other hand, McDermott appeals to those who seek a balance of power and control with a bold flair. 

Whether you go for Meucci or McDermott, you're aligning yourself with a brand that values quality and player satisfaction. Trust your instincts and remember that the right cue for you is the one that feels like a natural extension of your passion for the game.

If you’ve decided which brand is for you, explore our shop to find your ideal model or discover other brands that can suit your needs.