Custom Engraving

Custom Laser Engraving Options We are proud to announce that we are now offering custom engraving on all cue purchases available in a variety of styles from different font styles, color fill choices and even the ability to custom engrave your signature on your new cue. Choices that we are currently offering are listed out below.

Choose Your Engraving Options

1. Placement

2. Color

3. Font Style

Laser Engraved Signatures

Provide us with a scanned image of your signature and we can custom engrave it into your cue. With several different color fill choices, you are sure to have a unique one of a kind cue!

Because of the specialization of this service, please be sure to read through the requirements below carefully so we can provide you with the very best engraving possible.

There are two ways in which to submit your actual signature so we can engrave it.

1. Email us a high resolution 300dpi scanned image of your signature signed with a Black ULTRA FINE SHARPIE marker on a sheet of photo printing paper along with your order number to

2. Send us your signature signed with a Black ULTRA FINE SHARPIE marker on a sheet of PHOTO PRINTING PAPER along with your order number directly to us. From there, we will digitize the signature in preparation for engraving.

Preparing your signature for engraving

Pen Requirements: You must use a BLACK ULTRA FINE SHARPIE To Sign Your Name. Using the ULTRA FINE BLACK SHARPIE ensures that the signature will be detailed in your engraving. Signing your name with the regular "Fine Black Sharpie" will not produce the required results and will not be accepted as it does not produce the required detail of your signature. The ULTRA FINE SHARPIE is available at most stores such as Wal-mart and others.

Paper Requirements: You must sign your name on PHOTO PRINTING PAPER. The gloss surface of photo printing paper ensures that there will be no "Bleed" of your signature into the paper producing sharp defined lines. Small amounts of photo printing paper are available at most stores such as Wal-mart or other in your area. A Simple 4X6 pack of PHOTO PRINTING PAPER will work well. (Might as well pick up your ULTRA FINE SHARPIE while you are there as well!)

Print your order number under your signature: This will ensure that we understand fully what order and what cue or accessories to place your engraved signature.

Once you have your Signature signed with an ULTRA FINE BLACK SHARPIE on PHOTO PRINTING PAPER.

Mail your signature to our store with the order number on it and we will prepare your signature for engraving.

- OR -

Create a high resolution 300 dpi scan of your signature and order number and email to

Once we receive your signature, we will take the steps from there to prepare your signature for engraving and complete your order on the day that we receive your signature.

If you have any questions or concerns with our Signature Engraving and need more information, please do not hesitate to call our toll free number - 1-888-314-2837 or 517-279-7585 international or you can drop us a line here