Pool Cue Repair

Seybert's offers a variety of customizing and pool cue repairs anywhere from changing a tip to refinishing an entire cue

Seybert's Billiard Supply offers custom cue and shaft repair as well as many cue customizations to fit your playing style. For over 20 years Seybert's Billiard Supply has led the industry with competitive prices and fast turnaround with each repair or customization. The only limitation is your imagination. Call toll-free today for a custom quote - 877-314-2837 or 517-279-7585.

Install new tip (with purchase of tip) (1 to 2 days completion time)
Install new tip (customer provided) (1 to 2 days completion time)
Install new linen ferrule Includes Lepro Tip (1 to 2 weeks completion time)
Replace Tenon / Install Linen Ferrule (1 to 2 weeks completion time)
Recondition shaft (remove dents & clean) (1-2 days completion time)
Clean shaft (1-2 days completion time)
Reface joint of cue (1-2 days completion time)
Turn down shaft up to 1 mm (1-2 days completion time)
Install new linen wrap (1 to 2 weeks completion time)
Install new leather wrap (smooth or textured) (1 to 2 weeks completion time)
Install new exotic leather wrap (1 to 2 weeks completion time)
  Send in your cue along with a detailed note stating your name, address, phone number and details of the work you want done to the address below.  Once we receive your package someone will call you to get your method of payment and ask any further questions about the work that need done.