Custom Cue Wraps

How about an all-new look and feel for your favorite pool cue?

Nothing can improve the look, feel and playability of a cue more than a custom Irish or Leather wrap on your cue. Seyberts offers a large variety of Irish Linen and Leather wraps that can be professionally installed on your favorite cue. With a quick 7-10 day turn around we won't keep you from your cue for long. With all the wrap styles we have to offer, we are sure we are able to find you a custom cue wrap that will not only fit your playing style but, even more importantly, provide you with the "feel" and "grip" that you are looking for. The great new looks and the fact that a custom wrap makes your cue even more unique is just an added bonus!

If a custom leather wrap is in your future, contact us today.

Irish Linen Wrap Options (21)

Irish Linen: Black


Irish Linen: Black & White


Irish Linen: Black & Walnut


Irish Linen: Black & Yellow


Irish Linen: White & Black


Irish Linen: White & Green


Irish Linen: White & Purple


Irish Linen: Green & White


Irish Linen: Red & White


Irish Linen: Maroon & White


Irish Linen: Purple & White


Irish Linen: Black & Green


Irish Linen: Black & Red


Irish Linen: Black & Blue


Irish Linen: Black & Purple


Irish Linen: White & Walnut


Irish Linen: White & Red


Irish Linen: Navy & White


Irish Linen: Blue & White


Irish Linen: Walnut & Black


Irish Linen: Purple & Black


Embossed Leather Wrap Options (15)

Embossed Leather: Black Weave

Black Weave

Embossed Leather: Black Textured

Black Textured

Embossed Leather: Black Elephant

Black Elephant

Embossed Leather: Brown Elephant

Brown Elephant

Embossed Leather: Black Lizard

Black Lizard

Embossed Leather: Brown Lizard

Brown Lizard

Embossed Leather: Cognac Lizard

Cognac Lizard

Embossed Leather: Black Hornback

Black Hornback

Embossed Leather: Brown Hornback

Brown Hornback

Embossed Leather: Black Shark

Black Shark

Embossed Leather: Honey Shark

Honey Shark

Embossed Leather: Black Ostrich

Black Ostrich

Embossed Leather: Brown Ostrich

Brown Ostrich

Embossed Leather: Black Crocodile

Black Crocodile

Embossed Leather: Brown Crocodile

Brown Crocodile

Stacked Leather Wrap Options (22)

Stacked Leather: Natural Leather

Natural Leather

Stacked Leather: Natural Black

Natural Black

Stacked Leather: Natural Gold

Gold Solid

Stacked Leather: Solid Green

Green Solid

Stacked Leather: Solid Blue

Blue Solid

Stacked Leather: Solid Red

Red Solid

Stacked Leather: Black & Natural Penetration

Black/Natural Penetration

Stacked Leather: Light Brown Penetration

Light Brown Penetration

Stacked Leather: Green Penetration

Green Penetration

Stacked Leather: Dark Brown Penetration

Dark Brown Penetration

Black/ Green Mix

Black / Turquoise Mix

Stacked Leather: Brown Black Mix

Brown/Black Mix

Stacked Leather: Blue Tri-Color

Blue Tri-Color

Stacked Leather: Brown Tri-Color

Brown Tri-Color

Stacked Leather: Red Tri-Color

Red Tri-Color

Stacked Leather: Green Tri-Color

Green Tri-Color

Stacked Leather: 50 Impression

50 Impression

Stacked Leather: Green Impression

Black/Green Impression

Stacked Leather: Light Brown Impression

Black/ Brown Impression

Stacked Leather: Impression 2

Impression 2