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  • High carbon content steel to increase strength, stability and for a solid feel.
  • Innovative 28-point multi-touch leveling system for the most accurate table calibration resulting in truer rolls.
  • Hard bonded K55 Pro Speed Cushions for the most consistent response.
  • Predator Arcadia Reserve worsted pool table cloth for exciting high speed action.
  • Ultra black matte Italian Laminati for an ultra-smooth, fingerprint resistent finish that reduces glare and eye fatigue.
  • Optimal shaped pockets fitted perfectly flush for consistent ball entry with a cool silver rim for visible targeting.
  • Professional pocket cut: 4 1/4 inch corner pocket width and 5 inch side pocket width for accurate play.
  • Each pocket in the billiard table is fitted with a dampening foam for noise reduction and to prevent ball rebound.
  • 3-piece 25mm pure Brazilian high quality slate for precision roll makes this the best slate pool table in the market.


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    Predator Apex 9ft Pool Table

    Predator Apex 9ft Pool Table

    Brand: Predator
    Type: Table
    The Predator Pro Pool Table is the ultimate playing experience...
    The Predator Pro Pool Table is the ultimate playing experience and was designed in collaboration with Sam Billiard to create a pool table with the most consistent, solid, and ergonomic play giving players the confidence to play their best game, no holds barred. KEY BENEFITS Ultimate Stability Mos...