7 Best Pool Cue Cases

7 Best Pool Cue Cases

Table of Content

Table of Content

Searching for the best pool cue cases to keep your billiards gear safe and secure? Look no further! Our curated selection offers unparalleled protection, style, and convenience for casual and serious players alike.

Discover top-quality cases from renowned brands, each promising to meet your specific needs, whether you're headed to a local tournament or storing your cues at home. 

The 7 Best Pool Cue Cases to Date

Here are the best cue cases in the market right now (and remember many of the below items are available in different colors on our site):

1. Cuetec Proline 2x4 Hard Professional Cue Case

The Cuetec Proline 2x4 Cue Case is crafted for both function and durability, aimed at meeting the needs of competitive players. This case boasts a hard exterior to protect cues, with a host of specialized features: an integrated hidden mobile phone pocket ensures your device stays safe and accessible, while a leather joint protector holder keeps crucial components secure.

Organization is made easy with clear-view mesh pockets, and transport is comfortable thanks to sueded, cushioned backpack straps. A padded jump cue sleeve and dual extension pockets provide ample space for additional equipment, with steel swivel and zipper hardware offering robust reliability. The design is refined with double-stitched and welded seams, complemented by eye-catching red contrast stitching and piping.



2. Instroke 3x7 Black/Green Leather Geo Case

The Instroke 3x7 Leather Case presents a stylish yet affordable alternative to traditional leather cue cases.

Constructed from high-quality recycled leather, this case isn’t only eco-friendly but also mimics the look and feel of genuine leather.

Its interior features padding and a soft lining, with rigid PVC tubes providing firm protection for cue shafts and butts.

For accessories and personal items, the Geo case offers two pockets on the front; the upper one secures with a chic silver-toned thumb latch closure, while the larger bottom pocket features a safe zippered closure.

On the side, a robust handle and an adjustable shoulder strap offer convenient carrying options, ensuring your cues travel securely and stylishly to every game.


3. JB Ultimate Rugged Cue Case

The JB Ultimate Rugged Cue Case in black and blue offers a robust solution for players who need a reliable carrier for their cues.

Designed to hold multiple configurations such as 2 butts and 5 shafts or 3 butts and 4 shafts, with variations like 3x6 and 4x8 also available, it caters to various requirements.

The case is made from durable nylon/polyester material, and the leather stress points are reinforced to withstand the rigors of travel.

Storage is ample with three pockets, plus a jump cue compartment, with a double zipper top ensuring everything stays secure.

The interior boasts a generous 32.5-inch maximum cue length capacity and features JB Cases' UltraPad interior for superior protection.

For comfortable transport, it has a padded top and side handles, a non-slip padded shoulder strap, and a heavy-duty rubber bottom.


4. McDermott 4x7 Hard / Soft Hybrid Cue Case

The McDermott Hybrid Cue Case stands out with its innovative design, combining the security of a hard shell with the convenience of soft felt sleeves.

This case has a 2x3 hard shell end compartment crafted for cue and shaft storage. Additionally, it includes two 1x2 removable soft felt sleeves nestled within the zippered top section, catering to various storage needs.

The case is tailored with a 32" interior length, ample for longer cues, and has a dedicated space for your jump handle.

It's adorned with black vinyl and elegant textured accents, and the McDermott logos are tastefully embroidered onto the surface.

Carrying comfort is provided by an extra-long shoulder strap and handle, ensuring ease of transport. Weighing in at 4.4 pounds, this case is both a lightweight and protective option for carrying up to 4 butts and 7 shafts.


5. Poison Camo 2x4 Soft Pool Cue Case

The Poison Camo 2x4 Soft Pool Case is for players with a preference for tactical style and durability. Made from ballistic nylon, it's built tough and features a distinctive urban camouflage pattern.

Key features of the Poison Camo 2x4 Soft Cue Case include an adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfortable carrying, non-slip footing and studs to keep the case upright, and generous lift-and-load storage space.

Additionally, the case offers expansive exterior pockets, providing ample room for accessories and personal items. This case is a blend of style, practicality, and protection for your pool cues.


6. Predator Metro Nylon 2x4 Grey Top Zip Hard Cue Case 

This Predator Hard case is expertly constructed with durable nylon canvas, providing a sophisticated, well-traveled appearance while ensuring your cues stay protected with its hard backing.

The Metro case boasts a comfortable grip handle and an adjustable, padded strap, making it comfortable for shoulder or crossbody wear during transit.

Convenience is key with this case; two exterior pockets allow for easy access to items that can enhance your play, while the breathable mesh pocket keeps accessories organized.

The case features a sleek in-and-out opening design for swift cue retrieval and molded interior pockets that are easily accessible thanks to zippers.

The back of the case proudly displays an embossed Predator Cat logo, adding a touch of class. With exterior compartments designed to meet multiple storage needs, this case is a fusion of practicality and elegance.

It weighs just 3 lbs and has spacious pockets, with the top pocket measuring 9.5 x 4.25 x 1.5 inches and the bottom pocket offering even more space at 17.5 x 4.25 x 1.5 inches.


7. Purex Special Edition 2x4 Black / White Pool Cue Case

The Purex Special Edition Pool Cue Case combines a sporty aesthetic with a functional design to serve the dynamic needs of pool players. The case features a black PVC-lined hard shell with striking white accents, offering robust protection for two butts and four shafts.

Comfort is at the forefront with a stay-cool split strap, engineered to adapt to your shoulder and capable of being worn in various ways to suit personal preference—over the shoulder, across the back, or at the side.

The comfort handle further ensures ease of carry. Emblazoned with embroidered logos, the case boasts a stylish finish.

Final Words

Seybert's Billiards Supply stands as a comprehensive source for all your pool needs. Our selection of cues and cases, including the ones we've highlighted, ensures that every player can find the gear that fits their style and game.

With user-friendly policies like a 110% price match guarantee, free shipping on orders over $99, and a 90-day return policy, Seybert's is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Whether you're upgrading your equipment or seeking new ways to improve your technique with training tools, Seybert's has the resources to help you excel.