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What Pool Cues Do Professionals Use to Win Games?

Table of Content

Table of Content

Cues aren’t the only recipe to win pool games, but they impact your overall performance. 

Knowing what pool cues professionals use is a clue to understanding what contributes to their peak performance. 

The best pool cue is made for accuracy, control, and fine-scale customization. These help pros execute precise shots to win games. For professional pool players, the right cue caters to the sport’s technical demands and reflects their style.  


Here are the things you’ll discover in this article:

  • How pool cues impact your game.
  • Pro picks for the best brands in terms of precision, control, and customization.
  • Tips for finding your own pool cue

Do Pool Cues Help You Win? 

Yes, pool cues can contribute to your performance and help you win. Using the right cue helps you make precise shots to win a match. 

When looking for a cue, it’s also important to consider these critical factors that impact game quality: 

  • Weight and Balance: A well-balanced cue stick provides stability and control for accurate shots, while the weight can affect the speed and force of the cue ball.
  • Cue Tip Density: The tip's hardness influences the amount of spin, with softer tips providing more spin.
  • Shaft Flexibility: A cue's flexibility can affect the deflection rate, impacting how much the cue ball squirts off to the side.
  • Length and Diameter: The cue's length should complement the player's arm length, and the shaft diameter can assist in precise aiming.
  • Material and Construction: Quality materials like maple or carbon fiber offer durability and consistency.
  • Joint Type: The type of joint connecting the cue's butt and shaft can influence the overall feel and feedback a player receives during the shot.
  • Personal Comfort: Comfort with a cue's grip and leather wrap can prevent slippage and improve hand stability.
  • Consistency of Play: Using the same cue consistently helps build muscle memory and familiarity, giving a player an edge over those who frequently switch equipment.
  • Confidence Booster: A high-quality cue that suits a player's style can boost confidence, crucial for maintaining composure and focus during competitive play. 

Best Pool Cues for Professionals: Top Brands in 2024

Professionals demand excellence in their gear, and pool cues are no exception. Let’s look at the top brands the pros trust to deliver winning shots. 

We’ll divide the options into three categories — Precision, Elegance & Efficiency, and Customization.

1. Precision 

Precision is all about the accuracy in executing shots, ensuring the cue ball goes exactly where intended. 

Predator and Meucci brands are our top picks for this category. 


Predator Cues are popular for their innovative design and technology. They have excellent low-deflection shafts and a variety of models to cater to different personal preferences. 

This brand also uses proprietary materials in its cue butts and grips to ensure better handling and shock absorption. Pro players like Carlo Biado (2024 WPA World 10-Ball Champion) and Jennifer Barretta (2020 WPBA No.1 Ranked Pro) swear by the Predator’s precision in their games. 


Meucci is known for its ability to help players create more spin on the cue ball while maintaining control. Here are other key factors that make it a standout precision brand:

  • Weight Balancing System: A unique weighting system that allows for a lighter cue with a forward balance, offering better cue ball control and less strain on the arm.
  • Superior Flexibility: The shafts on Meucci cues are designed to provide a specific amount of flexibility, or "hit," preferred by many pro players.
  • Enhanced Spin Capabilities: Allows for easier spin application while keeping control. 

Prominent professionals who swear by this brand include Corey Deuel (2001 U.S. Open Nine-ball Champion) and Omar Al Shaheen (2022, 4th Rank for World Pool-Billiard Association).

2. Elegance & Efficiency

While new-age technology has its place, there is also high regard for the craftsmanship of more traditional cues. 

Lucasi and Viking brands excel in this category. Professionals looking for efficient pool cues with the aesthetics to match love these picks.


Lucasi Custom Cues balance elegance and efficiency. They feature beautifully crafted designs, superior-quality hardwoods, and advanced technology shafts for consistent play.

A first look at their custom collection will show you intricate inlays and finishes that scream elegance. The brand's Uni-Loc joint system contributes to the cue's consistent feel and control, enhancing your game’s overall quality. 

Among the most prominent professionals using this brand is the two-time 9-ball world champion Thorsten Hohmann.  


Viking Cues have premium looks and feel. The brand invests in exquisite woods and detailed artistry, making each collection a statement piece. 

They’re built with a focus on playability and durability, featuring their Viking Super Ferrule and a proprietary quick-release joint, enhancing the cue’s responsiveness and overall shot consistency.  

Professionals who use Viking cues include Fedor Gorst (2023 Mosconi Cup Team USA) and Angela Janic, who holds the record for the highest 8-ball NAPA women’s skill level in history. 

3. Customization

Customization allows players to tailor pool cues to their specific grip, style, and stroke preferences. 

This is where brands like McDermott and Joss come in. 


McDermott Cues stands out for its commitment to customization, offering options that allow players to add personality to their cues. 

  • Personalized Performance Options: Choose from Intimidator i-Shafts and G-Core shafts to tailor cue performance to individual playing styles.
  • Aesthetic Customization: A broad selection of inlay options, wrap materials, and stain colors allows for full aesthetic personalization.
  • Cue Building Program: Advanced program to try out combinations of features, providing a unique, tailored experience.

McDermott professional players include Kia Burwell (Team USA) and Timothy Bly (1st-2nd Split: April Pools Tournament). 


Joss Cues' customization feature is rooted in its tradition of handcrafting cues to meet individual player specifications. 

  • Handcrafted Detail: Each cue has player-specific details such as choice woods, inlays, and wrap materials.
  • Balance and Weight Precision: Joss can precisely adjust the balance and weight according to a player's preference for a custom feel. 

Professionals who have used Joss include Mike Sigel, Nick Varner, and Jim Rempe. 

Professionals’ Tips for Finding the Best Pool Cue

Ready to upgrade your pool cue? Consider these tips when choosing brands: 

  1. Assess your skill level 
  2. Determine your budget
  3. Test different weights 
  4. Consider the cue's balance 
  5. Check shaft options 
  6. Select the right tip
  7. Prioritize comfort
  8. Seek quality joints
  9. Look for durability 
  10. Trust your instincts 

Find Your Pool Cue Today

While many professionals swear by the brands we’ve mentioned, it's important to remember that the best cue for any player is one that feels like an extension of their arm. 

As with pro players, the best cue will complement your skills, enhance your performance, and give you confidence to take the winning shot. 

Looking for some quality cues to up your gameplay? Check Seybert’s cue collection and find brands that fit your comfort and style!