The Cue Matters: Best Pool Cue Brands

The Cue Matters: Best Pool Cue Brands

Table of Content

Table of Content

Are you interested in getting a new pool cue? Maybe you don't know that the differences matter between them? Are you seeing pool cues in the thousands of dollars and are disheartened because you can't afford that? Or are you a professional player working to find the next best cue for you? 
It doesn't matter what background you come from; you can afford and play with high-quality pool cues that are beautiful, elegant, and effective. All you need to do is learn the difference between the cues you have available to you!

The Cue History

A pool cue is a necessary tool for any game of pool, but how much do you know about its history? The cue as we know it today began to take shape in the 15th century when it was used as a striking instrument for outdoor games such as croquet. Cues were initially made from materials like wood or ivory, but by the early 19th century, cues were typically crafted from maple. It was around this time that Pool began to gain popularity as an indoor game, and cues began to be designed specifically for use in pool halls.

The classic pool cue stick is tapered and usually measures up to 57 inches in length. The tip is usually made from leather or synthetic suede, and the ferrule (the metal ring that connects the tip to the rest of the cue) is often made from brass. Today, there are countless variations on the classic pool cue, but the fundamentals remain the same.

Whether you’re playing eight-ball or nine-ball, a good cue is essential for sinking shots and taking your game to the next level.

How Cue Differences Matter

Different pool cue manufacturers can make vastly different kinds of pool cues, but they all perform the same, right? Wrong! Pool cues from different manufacturers are made in different ways with different materials, which then can make a big difference when you gather around the pool table.

From different types of wood to different types of tips, the way a pool cue is designed can affect your game in positive or negative ways, depending on if you know how to use it. There are also different supplies you may need to take care of some of these pool cues. Let's take a look at some different pool cues and what you should expect out of them.

Ariel Carmeli started in 1991 at a Billiards supply shop that also provided furniture repair. It wasn’t long until Ariel was asked to work on repairing pool cues. As he honed in his skills over the next year, they started getting requests for Ariel to work on a cue for them.

 By 1992 Ariel established Carmeli Custom Cues. Ariel Carmeli cues are crafted with additional care and attention, ensuring that the beautiful wood they're created with ends up being the beautiful cues we know and love. This cue creator crafts cues that are great for every type of player; you can be brand new to pool or have years under your belt.

Ariel Carmeli crafts cues that are known to be stronger, durable, and stable with great playability and a clean and solid construction style. Ariel’s cues are handmade and tend to be more expensive but they’re excellent cues for pool players across the board. 

#2 Becue Cues

Founded by Alessandro Bressan and Michele Carniel in 2016, they are passionate and avid pool players and came into contact with the sport as kids. Their goal is to push past the limits of pool cues by using composite fibers. Becue Cues make their cues in a simple but beautiful and elegant way to ensure the power transferred while playing, control of every shot, and the feeling you get as the player is amplified.

These cues come in a range of colors but are usually built with the darker side of the color wheel in mind. Pairing the darker colorations with their selection of finishes and Becue Cues really do come out to be aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, and luxurious. Becue Cues also have a balancing system called the Leonardo Balance System, which helps you ensure your cue is at the best weight for you. Enduring that you have all the tools you need to play a great game every game.

#3 Bull Carbon Cues

If you're a player that craves both beautiful design and high quality without having to break the bank, then Bull Carbon Cues might be a better option for you. Made with a variety of colors, you can select a pool cue that speaks to you, either black, blue, or even a black and silver design and many more.

These pool cues have lifetime warranties on any defects from the manufacturer, and they take the time to make sure you get a beautiful cue for your next game.

#4 Cuetec Cues

Cuetec Cues started in 1989. They started off with only 8 different types of cues and by 2000 they offer 58 different types of pool cues. Cuetec Cues have a slightly different trait than other pool cues. The newer line has a carbon composite shaftThis addition helps to better the feel and feedback of the wood, but you don't have to get a cue from this provider with a carbon composite shaft. Cuetec cues have to take into account the input from a U.S. 

Open Champion who has won five different times, Shane Van Boeing, who knows the difference between a good and bad feeling cue. The specialized Cynergy carbon shafts in the new line of Cuetec cues are reinforced as well with a core made of poly-foam, helping to ensure a good feeling when you're using this pool cue. 

#5 House Cues

Regardless of where you want to play pool, a house pool cue style is the minimum required pool cue. It's a staple cue that can be found around almost any pool table in a non-professional pool-playing house. These pool cues are beautiful and traditionally designed and are a great way to ensure anyone who comes over to play has a pool cue to play with. 

If you've invested in any other pool cue on this list, you can keep that one for yourself and pass one of these House cues over to whomever you have brought over to play. 

#6 Imperial Cues

If you're looking for cues that have the craftsmanship and you can show your personality, imperial cues are for you. It's important to make sure you select the right cue; it can actually help you improve your game. So even if you're new to playing pool, it's a great idea to go through the imperial cues and see which best matches your personality. Take into account the weight of the cue, the formats, and the finishes available to ensure you get a great imperial cue that works well for you by showing who you are while you play.

#7 Jim Pierce

Jim Pierce made his first cue out of pre-made parts in 1997. Now he makes stunning, elegant, and beautiful pool cues, but you have to get in contact with him at the right time because he only makes about seventy-five a year. Jim uses incredibly high-quality ingredients to ensure the cues are the best he can make. His cues not only play well, but they look great, too, with stunning designs that are sure to match almost anyone's sense of style. Jim works alone to make all of the cues that come out of his shop, tirelessly working to ensure each one is carefully hand-crafted to meet your needs. 

#8 Joss Cues

Established in 1968, Joss cues are another set of cues from another fantastic cue crafter, offering a large assortment of cues for a variety of different kinds of players; Joss cues allow you to find the cue that's right for you. A combination of style, weight, and functionality that works best for you can help you stay in the right headspace during a game. 

Regardless of if that game is in your basement or on a professional pool table, you can be sure you have a great pool cue with you.  

#9 Koda Cues

If you're looking for a more affordable type of pool cue, but you still want a beautiful style and design, then Koda cues might be just right for you. Elegant and graceful, these pool cues come in different colors, so you can still pick and choose based on your style and preferences.

With beautiful designs, these pool cues are made with fantastic quality. Pair the quality, design, and price with the lifetime warranty on defaults from the manufacturer, and you have an excellent pool cue to work with in every game going forward. You don't have to buy the most expensive pool cue to play a great game; you just need to be able to handle a good pool cue, which is where Koda Cues comes in. 

#10 Longoni Cues

Longoni Cues was established after the second world war, in 1945. Longoni is one of the most famous names in the world of billiards. Longoni is a family business, and the family has been creating, selling, producing, and marketing different items for pool playing on an international scale. Longoni Cues to this day are still produced in Milan, Italy, and some of the greatest pool champions still pick and play their biggest games with Longoni cues. 

Promoting precision, reliability, environmental care, and worker safety, Longoni cues make sure you get a high-quality cue every time. 

#11 Lucasi Cues

If you're looking for pool cues that have a much more superior craftsmanship and quality than regular players' cues, Lucasi is another name you should know like the back of your hand. Lucasi has been in business for more than 20 years and they ensure their cues can keep up with the highest level of technology so you can have a great game over and over again.

All of the cues that come from Lucasi also have shafts with low deflection to ensure that your game isn't thrown off. In some discontinued models, you may not find these shafts, though. Building high-performing, high-quality, and even affordable cues are what Lucasi does. If you're not a professional player, you should still be able to afford these beautiful and high-quality pool cues. 

#12 Lucky Cues

Lucky cues are another set of beautiful and fantastic pool cues that are actually made, designed, and distributed by McDermott Cues. Designed with maple wood throughout, this cue has graphic overlays placed on top of them to provide you with an intricate and elegant design every time. Lucky Cues end up being some of the most exceptional pool cues for their value, giving you the ability to strike solidly in every single game. 

#13 McDermott Cues

These beautifully hand-crafted cues have been made in the United States since 1975 and have helped ensure the standard of cues across the industry is always at its highest. Having superior high-quality cues is McDermott's best quality; each cue is crafted with beautiful details, inlays that are flawless every time, and some of the rarest ingredients that you can find in the entire world. 
They take the time and effort to ensure each cue is not only great for the games you're going to play with it, but it is also beautifully finished as well. Another lifetime warranty stands here against manufacturer defects, ensuring you can get your money back if you ever find a manufacturing mistake.

#14 Meucci Cues  

Meucci cues started in the 1960s. If you're trying to get more power in your game without having to put in a lot more effort, Meucci cues are likely the right cue for you. Built with power and precision in mind, Meucci cues are some of the most accurate pool cues you're going to find in the game. With several decades of experience, these pool cues aren't only absolutely beautiful but are also some of the best playing cues on the market.
Being used by both professional and non-professional players alike, Meucci is a household name for pool players and has been an industry leader when it comes to pool cues for several decades. Don't pass up the opportunity to play with a Meucci cue; you won't regret it!

#15 Pat Diveney

Pat Diveney has been a custom cue builder since 1998. He brings some of the finest craftsmanship to the construction of cues. With great attention to detail, Pat ensures that he works with each cue for hours before it leaves to go play his first game. Pat really does take the time to artfully craft each cue himself, though he does have a team that helps him ensure that the pool cues are the best they can be before they leave. With Pat Diveney cues, you get beautiful, elegant pool cues made with passion and care. 

#16 Pechauer Cues

If you're looking for a higher level of craftsmanship than Lucky cues, you may want to take a look at Pechauer cues. Joseph Pechauer made his first cue at the age of 12. His pool cues are known for their ability to perform, the intricate beauty of each of the cues, and the detailed level of incredible craftsmanship that each one has. 
Designed for a pool player that is a little more serious about the game, collectors also pick up Pechauer pool cues because of their beauty and intricacy. Made in the United States, these pool cues really are one of the most intricate and beloved in the game of pool. 

#17 Players Cues

Suppose you're an average pool player that isn't interested in getting into a tournament anytime soon, then Players Cues are a great option for you. Built with great quality and designs, these cues stand in an affordable price range while still bringing you a great game. These cues come in a variety of intricate designs and have a manufacturer's warranty for manufacturer defects that lasts a lifetime. The wide variety of design abilities is where these pool cues really shine, from flowers to exotic designs and so much more. You can ensure that these cues match your style and aesthetic easily. 

#18  Poison Cues

Poison Cues are a subsidiary of Predator Cues and were founded in 1994 with Predator. This pool cues company makes its pool cues with a venom shaft, which, when designed with Poison cues, helps make the pockets seem wider. This helps you sink shot after shot and become more accurate as you play the game. These pool cues also come in a variety of designs, and with names like Arsenic, you really can't go wrong.

#19 Predator Cues

Established in 1994, this pool cue company is well known for crafting a legacy around its high-performing products. Predator cues aren't afraid to use scientific findings to back up its products, giving you proven results on their pool cues and the level of performance they can handle. Designed to increase accuracy and maintain consistency, these pool cues are some of the highest quality cues out in the market today, making them one type of cue you don't want to pass up. 

#20 PureX Cues

If you're looking for a pool cue that has less deflection than others, Purex may just be the right pool cue for you. Having to deal with pool balls that deflect during a game all the time can be a big problem for some players. With Purex pool cues, the specialized shafts they craft their cues will minimize that deflection, helping you play a more precise game. These pool cues come in a variety of different styles and finishes as well ensuring that you can pick a great cue that you'll love to play with. 

#21 Rage Cues

If you're working with people of all skills and ages, then Rage pool cues might just be the right type of cue for everyone involved. The maple that these cues are made with is incredibly hard, giving them a solid feeling throughout the cue. Add to that a fiber ferrule, and you won't get the standard chipping, cracking, and other damage that you may get with other ferrules.

The tip of these cues is also crafted of high-quality leather, making sure it will last much longer than other cues. The best part is that all of this comes at a much lower price point than some of the more professionally focussed pool cues, making it easy to afford one for everyone in your circle. 

#22 Star Cues

Adding exotic wood to the more traditional maple cue really brings out the beauty of Star Cues. These cues are crafted with this four-color overlay to really bring out the beauty of the cue. This cue is another crafted by McDermott that has a lower price point while still managing to have quite a strong design to help you improve your game and have a great time. 

#23 Tiger Cues

Finesse isn't an easy thing to find in a pool cue. Usually, that is up to the person using the cue. Founded in 1988, Tiger Cues try to put as much finesse and durability into their pool cues as they possibly can. The fine craftsmanship of these cues comes from some of the most skilled hands in the industry. Tiger then pairs these skilled hands with advanced techniques in the production line to ensure that you have a fantastic pool cue to play with every time you settle around a pool table.
These durable and high-quality pool cues maintain their quality for many years. It doesn't matter if you're a professional pool player or if you prefer to kick it back with your friends on the weekends; there is a pool cue for you on this list. From the most renowned names available to more affordable options at Seyberts, we have pool cues for people of all walks of life. 
If you're looking for a cue to get started with professionally or just a cue that will help your performance, we can help. Reach out to us today to learn more about the types of pool cues that we have on hand and how they can help you up your game. 

#24 Valhalla Cues 

These pool cues are one of the different lines of Viking Cues, but they deserve a section all of their own because of their own careful and artful design. If you enjoy playing pool on a non-professional level, this elegant design still provides you with great performance without breaking the bank. Made with bright colors, these pool cues really pop out at you. They're great for someone trying to learn how to play professionally as an apprentice or for someone who just plays pool with their friends on the weekends. 

#25 Viking Cues

In the 1960’s in a basement in Wisconsin, Gordon Hart founded Viking Cues. If you're looking for a cue that feels like it's a unified piece of art, then the Viking cue might just be the right cue for youOne of the oldest cue crafters in the United States, the name of the game as far as Viking is concerned, is quality control. They don't like it when a cue doesn't come out quite right, and they do everything in their power to craft beautiful, elegant, and performance driving cues right the first time. The wood finger splice that they have in their cues makes the pool cue feel like it's one single piece. Paired with a shaft that takes roughly two years to craft, you can tell you're working with a high-quality cue when you hold a Viking cue.